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Pass The Baton (Official Music Video) – Doms Gauge

I’m just trying to keep focused on the path that I’m on…

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Doms Gauge – Heaven Sent (Official Music Video) Prod. Lucid Soundz

Feeling like I’m heaven sent…

So Determined Music Video – Tomorrow

I can’t believe it’s already the last month of 2015. I guess I’ve been pretty busy this year, I put out my debut album and played the most/some of the biggest shows I’ve ever done (including my first out of state show in LA). However after I released my album I had planned to make videos, more music and keep creating. But the truth is those songs really took a lot out of me and I had to take some much needed down time. Overcoming a few road blocks in the way, I’m finally back stronger than ever, making new music and ready to move forward on this journey. I’m working on a few more videos for “Old Soul in a Young Body” so those will be coming soon. I have a new song almost ready to be released and a lot more new music in the works. As well as new episodes of “The Life Of Me” and other YouTube stuff, so stay tuned. I don’t have a label/manager/agent or anything like that, just you guys sharing the music and spreading the word. Thank you all again for the continued support! We’re just getting started… – Doms

“So Determined” music video coming tomorrow!so determined doms gauge

New Music Video Coming Soon – So Determined

New music video coming soon! ‪#‎SoDetermined‬ ‪#‎OldSoulYoungBody‬

So Determined Video Coming Soon!

‪#‎SoDetermined‬ music video coming soon!


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