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  1. Loooooove your raps, dude!! I’ve been watching them since AHAT. Your talent is beyond any mainstream artist. Plus, you’re cute 😛

  2. Could I speak to DOM…..
    I am wondering what your future is gonna be like.
    Laying out your sick lyrics against opponents and destroying them.
    I know a lot of kats that flow but man I see a lot of potential in you.
    Honestly I think I just got back into the game of just fucking around flowing left n right.
    Kind of miss it man lol I grew up hearing the beastie boys and ll cool j lol mos def nwa especially ice cube funny as shit!

    If you could write me back DOMS id appreciate it….
    I really see some good stuff knocking on doors and opening up peoples eyes making them realize hip hop is back.
    Id def like to work with you and im in ARIZONA.
    I come from a crazy background but it’s in the past and I would def like to introduce you to whoever I meet knowing their legit.
    Too many kats spitting stupid lyrics and damn labels and radio playing stupid shit lol.
    You feel me….

  3. I love your style and flow. I watch your battles on Ahat every day and know almost every word. You inspired me to start writing. Id love to send you some of my bars and see what you think.

    *your biggest fan

  4. nicholas aragon

    October 1, 2014 at 8:58 am

    hey man from a rapper to another i would like u to sign me. i know i sound crazy . but i would like you to view my music. i need help to get my voice heard. ur prolly lookin at this like this mother fucker…..but i am willin to do watever to get my word out. i feel like im here for more than wat i have become…… check it out on reverbnation , catagori rap, nicholas aragon
    tucumcari new mexico

  5. come to ohio.. I want to see you!!!!!!!!

  6. Anthony casterella

    June 10, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    Thank you doms

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